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About Me


Hi there! I'm Connie Liew, a product/graphic designer and illustrator in NYC. I spent most of my life thinking I would pursue a career in STEM since my strengths came from critical thinking and problem-solving, as I found a passion in mathematics. Unaware of all the opportunities in the world, I started college by pursuing a computer science degree. My determination became less about appreciation for my work and more about satisfying others with my accomplishments in the field.

With my brief introduction to the arts years before, I decided to push myself to try something new and started pursuing a studio art degree in graphic design. During my graphic design internship, I discovered UX/UI design, a perfect combination of my interests in design to create products that improve efficiency and simplicity for everyone. 

I've also found a passion for photography in the last few years and learned many other forms of visual arts, like web design, drawing, painting, and printmaking. It has been a remarkable journey so far in learning new ways to incorporate my art into user experiences, and I'm looking forward to implementing my skills further!

Outside of work, I love to go on long walks in the city typically taking pictures of the scenery or the amazing new foods I find along the way. Once I got my first DSLR camera, I brought it on every road trip and vacation, capturing anything that piqued my interest. I hope to travel all around the world one day to experience all the different cultures and lifestyles!

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